Numbness In Hands


Numbness in Hands Remedy

Going to a Chiropractor or acupuncturist have benefited some patients who suffer from numbness in hands, due to linking the condition with nerve endings that got pinched in either the spine or neck area. It is still under discussion whether or not this method proves to be effective or not. Yoga on the other hand has shown to reduce pain effectively and improve the grip strength of patients who experienced numbness in hands syndrome.

Testing for Numbness in Hands

Workers who have experienced numbness in hands from doing assembly line type of work, would end up going to their physician, once a symptom known as carpal tunnel syndrome has been identified as the main culprit for their condition. The physician would use the Tinel test where the patient's wrist would be tapped or pressed on the median nerve area. When the patient experience a tingling sensation in the fingers or a shock like sensation, then it is considered to be a numbness in hands condition.

Non Surgical Treatment

As far as numbness in hands are concerned, the pain and swelling associates with it can be treated by anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and other non prescription pain relievers. Water pills are known to decrease swelling, and in severe cases it can be orally administered.

To provide immediate relieve, corticosteroids like lidocaine or prednisone can be injected into the wrist or even taken orally. It should not be taken without a doctor's prescription. Vitamin B6 in supplement form will help to ease the said condition.

Do not underestimate the power of exercise in treating a condition such as numbness in hands. Making use of the expertise of an occupational therapist, who knows what strengthening and stretching exercises to use, will help a great deal in promoting recovery this condition.

What about numbness in toes?

There is a distinct connection between numbness in the feet and toe area. It has been noted that numbness in toes is an advanced stage of multiple sclerosis. It can also be linked to diabetes II, the same as with feet numbness.

There may just be a cause for concern if you experience continuous numbness in fingers. It is a sure sign of a serious medical condition. You may find this among typists and people who write a lot. The decreased ability to experience feeling in your fingers may prevent you from performing everyday tasks.

You will find symptoms such as numbness in hands in addition to numbness in fingers. It is really a cause for alarm once the numbness travels up your arm, accompanied by paralysis. These are sure signs of an oncoming stroke.

There are times that you need to take heed of a tingling sensation or any form of numbness either in your toes, feet, fingers, or hands. We would advise you to seek medical attention if you have been unsuccessful in getting rid of continuous numbness in your body.