Relieve Numbness In Hands And Feet With Massages

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Do You Ever Experience These Symptoms With Numbness And Tingling

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Numbness In Hands

Numbness in hands is a condition when you have no feelings in one or both hands. There is a feeling of numbness on back of your hand, palm, fingers or all of these areas. Thereby comes the term numbness in hands. Associated pain like problems can be prickling, pin and needles, or sensations of burning called paresthesias.

Numbness in hands happens when there is not enough blood supplying a certain location. It also happens when there is damage to nerves that lead to the hand. When numbness in hands occurs from nerve damage, it is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as a cervical disk problem.

Usually cases of numbness in hands are not life threatening and the sensation of numbness commonly goes away quickly on it’s on. For example, sleeping on the arm while the wrist or elbow is bent can bring on this condition. Once awaken, simply stretching out the wrist or elbow to allow circulation and blood flow will quickly remedy the problem. However, if your numbness in hands continue for more then just a few minutes, then you should seek the advice of your medical doctor to check for any disorder, condition, or disease causing the symptom.

In some cases numbness in hands along with other symptoms can be a sign of other diseases which is why it is important to let your doctor know if this problem is recurrent, or happens with slurred speech, confusion, paralysis, or weakness in one or both hands. Cases of numbness in hands along with itchiness could be a sign of multiple sclerosis.

Here are some symptoms that can occur with numbness in hands: cold fingers, cold hands, feelings of burning, more tingling while writing or typing, pain in fingers, arms, or hands, itching, twitching, touch sensitivity, feelings of pins and needles, rash, muscle spasm, and neck pain.

Some possible causes of numbness in hands could be : injury of brachial plexus, amyloidosis, alcoholism, diabetes, cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke, raynauds disease, ganglion cysts, sjogren’s syndrome, guilliain barre syndrome, chemotherapy drugs, peripheral neuropathy, injury of the spinal cord, paraneoplastic syndrome, deficiency of vitamin B 12, stroke, vasculitis, compressed ulnar nerve, syingomyelie, and syphilis.

Numbness In Hands Concerns

Numbness in hands can be a reason for major concern among many people. All kinds of thoughts might run through your head. Is it the beginning of a heart attack or may it be the onset of a stroke about to happen. Some people might only experience this feeling on the left side of their body.

Others experience a tingling sensation coupled with pain in the joints of their wrists as well as numbness of their fingers, also known as carpal tunnel syndrome. What does it all mean?

Symptoms Related to Numbness In Hands

You will know full well by some or all of the following symptoms if you are experiencing what we call numbness in hands. You will experience tingling or numbness in hands and fingers. Your index, middle fingers and thumb will be effected by this sensation.
The palm, wrist of forearm will pain.
The pain and numbness in hands will be worse at night. You may just wake up from severe pain in the said area. Temporary relief is possible by shaking your hand or rubbing your wrist.
Pain may also increase when attempting to use your hand or wrist.
You will find difficulty in gripping certain objects, such as a bottle or even in opening a door using the door handle. Your thumb will experience a weak sensation.

What Causes Hand Numbness?

You may question why you experience the numbness in your hand. It's been said that a pinched nerve could be one possible reason for the tingling sensation you experience in your wrist, thumb and fingers. This is due to damage incurred to a set of nerves running down your spine or neck area.

According to a Dr. Angela Mark of Northshore University, the most common cause for the tingling and numbness in hand experienced by some, is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is where median nerve endings are compressed in the carpal tunnel of your wrist.

Other factors that contribute to these symptoms are an overactive pituitary gland, rheumatoid arthritis, work stress, repeated use of wrist in using vibrating tools, retention of fluid while pregnant, cyst or tumor in the canal. There are cases when no apparent cause can be identified.

Writer's cramp is not be confused with numbness in hand syndrome. Writers often times experience aches and pain in either the wrist of forearm area due to repetitive typing activities.

Who Would Be At Risk for Numbness In Hands?

Generally numbness in hands are the result of repetitive gripping and pinching by the hand, while the wrist is bent. People who are more at risk are found among carpenters, grocery checkers, meat packers, mechanics, musicians, computer workers, and assembly line workers.

What could happen if you ignore the signs

In cases where the numbness in hands goes untreated, it may very well lead to the muscles at base of your thumbs being wasted away. The other problem you will find, is that you will not be able to tell between cold and hot when touching objects with your fingers or thumb.

We would like to advise especially assembly line workers, who more commonly experience the numbness in hands syndrome, to do their best in avoiding permanent damage to their median nerves. They need seriously to consider a couple of factors to keep working, thereby ensuring a consistent income.

Are Numbness in Feet, Toes and Fingers Related to Numbness in Hands?

You may experience a numbness in hands or feet sensation at times. There is a specific link between hand and feet numbness. If you normally experience numbness in these areas, then it can be pinned down to either a symptom of diabetes II or multiple sclerosis. The second symptom, multiple sclerosis is normally associated with numbness in hands and feet while you are sleeping.