Relieve Numbness In Hands And Feet With Massages

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Do You Ever Experience These Symptoms With Numbness And Tingling

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Numbness In Hands Can Be Caused By Diabetes

Diabetes is known as the silent killers, just like high blood pressure and the root cause of diabetes which is high blood sugar. Diabetes in itself has a lot of direct adverse effects on health and there are several associated implications that can cause various types of trouble.

Numbness in hands is one of the many indirect health problems that are caused by diabetes. There can be a sense of numbness in hands, loss of feeling or the void of sensing a touch, trembling of fingers and fatigue are commonly associated with Diabetes. The problems are classified into what is called Diabetic Neuropathies. Diabetic Neuropathies is defined as the nervous problems that are caused by diabetes. There are numerous nerve associated problems that one may suffer from. It includes numbness in hands, feet, and legs and can also affect nerves in the cardiac region, sex organs and also the digestive tract.

Diabetic Neuropathies often have no symptoms and they are also rare among people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes. However, as the duration of diabetes gets prolonged, mild to severe symptoms show up. One of these symptoms is numbness in hands. It is scientifically proven that diabetic neuropathies are more common among older people. People who have been suffering from diabetes for more than 20 years and have a consistent problem in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels down to a desirable range are likely to suffer from diabetic neuropathies.

While initially diabetic neuropathies may not seem to have an immense effect on an individual yet with time things can get severely worse. Although common yet there are cases where people suffering from diabetic neuropathies have had serious and almost fatal nervous problems. Since with age various organs tend to become vulnerable to different ailments and owing to the long term ill effects of diabetes itself, diabetic neuropathies can pose a lot of threat to a patient.

The best recommended way to tackle or prevent diabetic neuropathies is to maintain extremely low blood sugar levels. Patients suffering from diabetes would have a tendency to have increased blood sugar levels even if one is leading the lifestyle that has been recommended. There is a need to have a furthermore stringent lifestyle to combat diabetic neuropathies. The first step to cure diabetic neuropathies would be to report the symptoms to your doctor and get a physical exam done to ascertain the nature and the intensity of the problem.